Happy Earth Hour Day!!

31 03 2012

I’m writing this now because I can’t write it during earth hour. So I hope everyone does their part today!!


my youtube channel

31 03 2012

my youtube channel

My YouTube is where i post videos go check it out!


29 03 2012

Okay so today i am going to tell you my hunger games review. I love the whole movie it was made with amazing charatures which made the movie had a very cool effect. I am not going to make this a spoiler alert so this is what happens. A captiol is divided into 12 districts. At a annual ‘get together’ they must choose a boy and a girl to go in the woods and fight to the death with the other districts. That is what the hunger games is about

Mr. Winter

27 03 2012

In Canada, Yes i’m Canadian so why why why? Why is Mr Winter back now it is so cold. Today it is -4 and is around -8 with the wind chill. I personally say that it is freezing! I hate it! FYI to all the Americans who think we LIVE in IGLOOS and think WE SIT IN OUR IGLOOS AND DONT HAVE HOLIDAYS!! We live in houses and we do celebrate holidays!!**************************************************************************************************************************



World Water Day!

22 03 2012

Hey, today it is world water day!! Ya, I know what you are thinking what is world water day?

Well it is a day to conserve water to realize how much water we use everyday. In Haiti, there has been a earthquake which took away a lot from a already poor country. Some people in Haiti walk 5km just to get dirty water for their families each and everyday.

I hope all of you learn something to day.

Today I walked 5km for world water day and I hope you have a great day!


These Are Some Websites I Like To Visit

20 03 2012


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Annette’s Youtube Username: hungryblogstarr

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Hey Everyone This Is My New Blog

20 03 2012

As most of you know already I am a great (well not so great) YouTube star.Well i have a YouTube account and i have 8 subscribers as of March 20 2012 and i think it is great that you are reading my blog! So I hope you be aware that I do not appreciate negative comments on this blog. Thanks for reading my blog!!