These Are Some Websites I Like To Visit

20 03 2012


Animal Jam Username: heartpet

I don’t really use Moshi Monsters or Webkinz but you can buddy me if you want! Here they are:

Webkinz username: heartpet

Moshi Monsters username: moshilover0628

I update a lot about my life on YouTube so here is my username:

YouTube Username: heartpet0628

If you really like Webkinz please check out my channel as i might be giving codes away in a contest soon!

You can add me as a friend on any of the accounts above!! (if my buddy list isn’t full!!)

Annette’s Youtube Username: hungryblogstarr

Please subscribe to her as she is an awesome blogger and friend. Oh and dont make me forget she is an awesome YouTube star!!




3 responses

13 04 2012
Annette Szczepan

Great post 🙂 – Subscribed to your blog, girlfriend!

13 04 2012

plz post my blog on your site!

13 04 2012

oh also i subed to your blog

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