25 05 2012


I got another blog and a new haircut! So be sure to check it out!



8 05 2012

Hey, on Saturday me and Grace hung around at my aunt’s resturant. Woody’s. There were rocks there, and of course we had to stop and play on them. So Grace started statuing on them!! I will try to upload a photo so just be patient!!

3 05 2012

Love it Annette Read the comment on Annette’s blog to tell you my thoughts.

Annette Szczepan

As a McDonald’s employee, every time McHappy Day comes around, I get super excited!

Today is the day! With any Big Mac, Happy Meal, or hot McCafe beverage purchase, $1.00 will be donated to local charities that support sick children and their families. Of course, this includes Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

I have been with McDonald’s for seven years comes June 1st and I have worked three McHappy Days. My restaurant also does a charity carwash days before McHappy Day to raise more money for RMHC. That’s always fun. Wet, but fun!

However, McHappy Day is not the only way that McDonald’s contributes back to the community. Every day, McDonald’s donates $0.10 from every Happy Meal to charity. As well, they sponsor many events.

The first McHappy Day happened in 1977. Since 2004, over $34, 000, 000 have been raised.

Make sure you stop by @McD_Canada on your way…

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