8 06 2012

My soccer game got rained out. Figures. We need to replay it on Friday (next week). So much rain and today is a Physical Activity day so there is no school for me. So for some of you who ask a lot of yyou guys ask questions and I am from Canada and yes I go to a cathloic school. I play soccer and have fun! I make every day fun! I might have a contest so just stay tuned! \



No time to blog..

6 06 2012

I just can’t blog a lot so if you you guys are getting worried, just go to my animal jam blog in the post below. Or check out my youtube account. Tonight I have to go to my soccer game!  Wish me luck! In about 5 hours or so I will post a youtube video and make a new blog post. Now to get on with my post….. So today school was fine everyday was fine and tomorrow is the last day before the long weekend for me! Also, heads up don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday on the 28th! Hope all you bloggers out there have happy blogging!