27 08 2012

Hey guys,

sorry that I haven’t been posting lately, summer gets busy and its hard to keep up with this blog.Blogging gets harder when you are busy. Most times this blog slips my mind until today, I read my email. I looked at all the comments and realized. When was the last time I wrote a post? Like near my birthday. Now its August. What have I done with my time. Well, that would take too long to answer. My apoligies. I still don’t know why I am wrighting this. This is more like a long paragraph about, well nothing that matters. So, because I am so bored my next post will be 100 things I hate, then, I will make a sequel to it. Being 100 things I hate that people do on Animal Jam. So, I’m sorry you even had to read this. I really think it was a waste of your busy life.







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