27 08 2012

I left out A LOT in that post. Mostly because, I’m not thinking that straight. School starts soon. Won my soccer championship A cup. Going into grade 6. I probably left out a lot of things still. But, I will try to update you as much as I can!!!!!





27 08 2012

Hey guys,

sorry that I haven’t been posting lately, summer gets busy and its hard to keep up with this blog.Blogging gets harder when you are busy. Most times this blog slips my mind until today, I read my email. I looked at all the comments and realized. When was the last time I wrote a post? Like near my birthday. Now its August. What have I done with my time. Well, that would take too long to answer. My apoligies. I still don’t know why I am wrighting this. This is more like a long paragraph about, well nothing that matters. So, because I am so bored my next post will be 100 things I hate, then, I will make a sequel to it. Being 100 things I hate that people do on Animal Jam. So, I’m sorry you even had to read this. I really think it was a waste of your busy life.




Oh hey,

23 07 2012

It’s been such a long time since I last posted so here is a little/ BIG update. Okay, so on my birthday (june 28th) I got a 3DS and Mario Tennis Open. I got some books and I am getting a laptop (probably never). And for my soccer games we have  3 or 4 left. Still undefeated! Hopefully it will stay that way! I’ve been posting animal jam videos on YouTube this past time. And, maybe a face video sooner of later. So this is just to update you for everything and hope you have a great day!



8 06 2012

My soccer game got rained out. Figures. We need to replay it on Friday (next week). So much rain and today is a Physical Activity day so there is no school for me. So for some of you who ask a lot of yyou guys ask questions and I am from Canada and yes I go to a cathloic school. I play soccer and have fun! I make every day fun! I might have a contest so just stay tuned! \


No time to blog..

6 06 2012

I just can’t blog a lot so if you you guys are getting worried, just go to my animal jam blog in the post below. Or check out my youtube account. Tonight I have to go to my soccer game!  Wish me luck! In about 5 hours or so I will post a youtube video and make a new blog post. Now to get on with my post….. So today school was fine everyday was fine and tomorrow is the last day before the long weekend for me! Also, heads up don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday on the 28th! Hope all you bloggers out there have happy blogging!


25 05 2012

I got another blog and a new haircut! So be sure to check it out!


8 05 2012

Hey, on Saturday me and Grace hung around at my aunt’s resturant. Woody’s. There were rocks there, and of course we had to stop and play on them. So Grace started statuing on them!! I will try to upload a photo so just be patient!!