3 05 2012

Love it Annette Read the comment on Annette’s blog to tell you my thoughts.

Annette Szczepan

As a McDonald’s employee, every time McHappy Day comes around, I get super excited!

Today is the day! With any Big Mac, Happy Meal, or hot McCafe beverage purchase, $1.00 will be donated to local charities that support sick children and their families. Of course, this includes Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

I have been with McDonald’s for seven years comes June 1st and I have worked three McHappy Days. My restaurant also does a charity carwash days before McHappy Day to raise more money for RMHC. That’s always fun. Wet, but fun!

However, McHappy Day is not the only way that McDonald’s contributes back to the community. Every day, McDonald’s donates $0.10 from every Happy Meal to charity. As well, they sponsor many events.

The first McHappy Day happened in 1977. Since 2004, over $34, 000, 000 have been raised.

Make sure you stop by @McD_Canada on your way…

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27 04 2012


Hey, over the past few day I’ve been making clay things. I might start my own shop how about that?

On my video on YouTube I said and showed my new clay creations.

If i get a Ebay then I will tell you my Ebay.

Feel free to comment on my video saying what I should make next!

Not Much To Do

25 04 2012

I spend my days playing Draw Something on my 90th turn with Cassondra, Tyler and Kerry. Getting towards 250 coins. Watching all the advertisements go by. Feeling like I can’t do anything. But read. Leaving me only to make a pillow in my spare time. Which I have a lot of spare time. So now this is what I am doing just sitting around blogging. You know what? You may have never realized that blogging is very hard try it yourself and comment your blog and I will put it in my blogroll. Bye Guys!

I Love Em Hunger Games

17 04 2012

I love the hunger games its so exciting im on the second book, Catching Fire! I love reading for fun its just so fun! Tell me what you think of the hunger games. Your comments rock so keep commenting. Remember I will use all good ideas!

My Walmart Haul

16 04 2012

clicking here!

Hey, yesterday I went to walmart and got the super cute angry birds shirt it says B. F. F.s foreves and evs!! Also I bought some moshi monster figurenes and I got a ULTRA RARE. Also i got some angry bird stickers you guys can watch the video on my youtube by clicking up there!!

New Day New Stuff To Do

14 04 2012

Hey, today I am going to make a video for my YouTube account. Of course it is called heartpet0628. But one thing I don’t get is how Annette writes so much in her posts. Sometimes I just don’t have enough topics so they mean everything to me when you help me with this blog. You can comment about my YouTube account, and my blog. BTW. On Sunday I am going to my niece’s birthday party for her 4th birthday. On the weekends I am sure to post a lot. I might make a video of her birthday party. But, what sucks is my camera, now the audio is going crazy so I can’t upload. But, I got a app for my Iphone so now I can!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bye!

Hey Guys

14 04 2012

I heard Annette sent you. Thanks so much for coming it means a lot to me. So it has been a great day for me. My favorite part…. YOU thanks for coming!! Oh, and I forgot its the weekend and now I am going to post a lot about what I am doing but, for now I got to go because I have to go to bed. All your comments mean a lot to me so comment all the time. You can help with subjects I write about! Just comment under any post and sure I might even use it!!